TNBT: finger feeding

Based on the random trend theory, finger feeding could be TNBT.

I, like vast swathes of civilisation before me (going back thousands of years, across the world), eat most of my meals with my hands. Sandwiches at lunchtime, of course, but also Indian food. Almost every night, I’ll eat home-made Indian food by hand. Whether it’s with rice or chapatis, the traditional way to eat it is by hand. Many cultures around the world eat their food with their hands. Think burritos, etc.

In Western (European, American, Australian) culture though, many main meals are eaten with utensils – fork, knife, spoon.

In the last few days, I’ve come across tools which are attached to your fingers, so it’s a bit like eating with your hand, but with a utensil. Interesting mashup.

First Nomaan Kashif Tariq (he’s not on Twitter yet, so no link) sent me this pic (via Rock FM):

FingerForks, or Finger Forks, are a great idea for parties and buffet type setups.

Handy to carry with you, too – you never know when you might need one. You could be out and about and pick up some noodles or pasta from somewhere. Then you realise you forgot to take a plastic fork. Or the person in front of you sneezed all over the plastic cutlery… [OCD alert]

Then I saw this on Cybercandy’s Facebook wall (or timeline, or whatevs it’s called):

The picture label said “Biscuit Thimbles“, but I’m not sure that’s the official name. I found some recipes for ‘thimble biscuits’, but not quite sure if they’re the same.

Okay, so this one’s an actual food rather than a utensil. But it can be used as a utensil. Great way to eat Nutella, too.

And then Rubina Docrat (not on Twitter either) made it a trend (according to my random trend theory) by sending me a link to this:

This is called “trongs” (is that plural?) and was featured on the Three Many Cooks website almost two years ago. An inventor called Eric Zimmerman came up with the idea. According to the website, “Trongs were invented and are currently marketed as a tool for eating ribs, wings, and other finger foods in the era of touchscreens, smartphones, and iPads.

The angle was that they keep your fingers clean, in case you need to use your phone (or want to share pictures of what you’re eating with the world…) when you’re eating ‘messy’ finger food. Interestingly, Three Many Cooks sees a lot more potential with this utensil in the area of food preparation. I think they might be on to something. In Subway, you can ask the server to change their gloves if you’re veggie and don’t want them to use gloves that have touched meat. (Not just for veggies – for religious purposes too). Someone making a salad, or sandwich, or something else, could slip on a different pair of trongs for different dishes/dietary requirements/allergy requirements to prevent contamination.

Three interesting products, all designed to help you eat with your fingers, but not quite.

Finger feeding: finger lickin’ good?

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