One to watch: Argan oil

I first came across argan oil about 4 years ago, on a family holiday in Morocco. On a day trip to the Atlas Mountains, there were quite a few small businesses selling  argan is various forms – as an oil, as soap, etc. It was also used in a hammam we’d visited.

I think we brought back a bottle and some soap, but after it was finished, never really thought about it again.

This week, I saw that a company called Arganic was one of the best business ideas submitted to the Shell LiveWIRE scheme in June. Arganic is an organic argan oil company, bringing the oil to the UK directly from Morocco.

Here’s how the Arganic website describes the product:

“Until recently argan oil has been a well kept secret by the Berber people of North Africa who have been using it in their diet for centuries.

This golden, nutty oil comes from the fruit of the argan tree, an ancient and UNESCO protected tree that grows only in South-Western Morocco making it one of the rarest oils in the world.”

However, they’re presenting argan oil as a cooking ingredient.

Dana Elemara, the entrepreneur who set up the business, said: “Culinary argan oil (which is different to cosmetic argan oil because the seeds are toasted to bring out flavour) is common in S/W Morocco to have for breakfast on eggs with cumin, or to dip bread into with honey. It has a nice nutty taste“.

Both the breakfast idea and the bread snack sound really good and I’m looking forward to trying them when I get my bottle.

Keep an eye on the Shell LiveWIRE website and (I’m not sure how it works, but) vote for Arganic. It’s a great business idea, tapping into the food market with a brand new product that’s a traditional part of a different culture, but can give UK consumers something different in terms of taste. There are loads of health benefits, too.

Remember that years ago, olive oil was a specialist product from a different country, only available in specialist foodie shops…

One to watch?

These images are the property of Arganic and must only be used with permission from Arganic.
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  1. Argan oil says:

    This lady doing really hard work for Argan oil.Nice post

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