Vending machines roundup

More cool venders out there with proper innovation going in the vending machine world.

Pepsi Touch

Marketing Week reports on a new vending machine service in America where you can send a bottle of Pepsi as a gift and record a video message for the recipient. You enter all the details at the machine and then a code is sent to the recipient’s phone, so they can redeem the drink using the code at a machine near to them.

First thoughts: seems like a fair bit of hassle just to give someone a bottle of Pepsi. But then again, could be good for friends/family who live in other parts of the country/world, especially as you can record a video message for them at the same time.

According to Ubergizmo, the service might be coming to the UK, where users can gift a drink via Facebook.

The article also mentions a Coke vending machine, coming to the UK soon.

Next up – another soft drink/social media mashup.

Tweet for tea (tweat?)

A South African company called BOS Ice Tea has come up with a vending machine that gives you a free ice tea in return for tweet. The tea is made from Rooibos (see ‘One to watch’ post from this time last year) and the machine is fitted with a filter for a specific hashtag. Not 100% clear on how it works, but I think you go to the machine, possibly enter your Twitter username and then tweet using the hastag for your free drink. The machine is called Bev (great name!).


Over to India for a vending machine which sells vegetable seeds. There are a few of these machines in (take a deep breath) Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. Great for city dwellers and part of the urban farming trend?

Chill Can

Finally, back to the UK and the University of Surrey, where the world’s first self-chilling vending machine (also claims to be ‘world’s first environmentally friendly chilled drinks dispenser) from the team that developed Chill Can, a self chilling can.

Check out Auto Vending and Vending International (trade magazines) for all the industry news. Not even joking.


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