Dorset Cereals: Breakfast Pots

Deskfast – one of my favourite word mashups and a regular newspaper talking point.

I had a lot of deskfasts (‘breakfast at your desk’ in case you’ve not guessed yet) when I commuted to Manchester from Preston (Kellogg’s mini cereal boxes were brilliant, but a bit boring and there were a few I didn’t like in the multipack). So, I like ideas that make breakfast more interesting, especially for people who don’t have much time.

Thanks to Dorset Cereals for sending me some samples of their new range of Breakfast Pots. I wouldn’t normally choose such natural-looking, fibre-y, organic type food, but these cereal pots are really good. Tasted great and felt healthy.

You just add your milk directly into the pot, so no washing up (apart from your spoon, obvs). This convenience makes all the difference when you’re working long hours and really don’t want the hassle of pouring stuff into a bowl, trying to get the right amounts, then washing up, etc. Sounds so simple, but most people who work crazy hours will know the feeling.

The Breakfast Pots come in three varieties:

simply delicious muesli

toasted coconut & wheat flakes

honey granola

Finally, a special thank you to the PR person who has spent time putting the straw into the box to give it that extra little touch. It’s all about natural ingredients – I get it. (In a previous job, I spent days stuffing that stuff into baskets for media and influencer drops. It rips your hands to bits. And is pretty boring/soul-destroying after the 200th basket. Hope you had some good tunes on your mp3 player. Thank you.)

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