One to watch: guarana

It’s been used in various things for a while, but a feature about a drink made from guarana in today’s FT caught my eye.

Guarana is a plant native to the Amazon basin, particularly Brazil, and its seeds contain twice as much caffeine as coffee beans, so it’s used as a stimulant, especially in the format of soft drinks (thank you Wikipedia).

Sales of a Brazilian drink called Cotuba have rocketed in Japan. Although it’s mainly ex-pats currently buying it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes more mainstream over there. With the South American food trend, it can’t be too long before guarana drinks become popular over here too. Or at least a fad for a couple of months over summer. Perhaps a celeb spot will do the trick.

“Cotuba, a fizzy, intensely sweet and caffeine-filled soft drink made from guarana, the Amazonian red berry”

(Financial Times)

Locally produced soft drinks, using locally sourced ingredients, an alternative to the giant corporations… TNBT

Inevitably, the giant corporations will try to capitalise on popular products and guarana sodas are no exception.

Guaraná Antarctica (nice website!) is distributed by PepsiCo and is available in the UK (Tesco and Waitrose). At the moment, I imagine it’s mainly bought by Brazilians living in the UK.

An alternative to coffee/Red Bull? Time to try some, I think.

FT’s Special Report on Latin American brands

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