Word of the day: Bronkie

Just came across this today (but it’s been around a few years at least).

Bronkie – a mashup of ‘brownie’ and ‘cookie’.

Seems to originate from Delice de France, as part of their foodservice offering.

What’s not to like!? Mashup – good. Brownie – gooood. Cookie – goooood.

Not sure where you can get them generally, so let me know if you spot any.

If you’re up north, it looks like Slattery’s do them too – http://slattery.co.uk/irshop.aspx?section=product&page=3&product=1272

Also, check out Urban Dictionary for some other meanings of the word.

For some reason, it sounds a bit racist, but don’t take offence if I call you one – it can also mean ‘bro’/’dude’.

“Do it like a bronkie”, “Wassappnin’ bronkie?”… hmm, let’s see if it takes off.

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