One to watch: Headline News Cup Sleeve

The latest news headlines on your coffee cup? Best thing ever, I thought. I imagined an LED display flashing up on the top of a sleek coffee cup, giving me the latest up-to-minute news wherever/whenever I ordered a coffee. Two of my favourite things combined – news and coffee.

Too good to be true? Yes. But still, great idea.

Comms agency Y&R Dubai has come up with a great way to advertise the Gulf News newspaper, raising awareness and integrating it into people’s lives in a clever way.

Here’s how the Headline News Cup Sleeve works:

A special printer at the Tim Hortons cafe chain (another Y&R client) pulls tweets from the Gulf News Twitter account every hour and prints them as updates on the coffee cup sleeves. The sleeve also includes a URL and QR code so customers can whip out their phones and read the full story on the Gulf News website. A brilliant idea that will help to drive traffic to the Gulf News website.

(Disclaimer: in my opinion, you can’t beat an actual newspaper with coffee in a proper mug, but props for the innovative thinking)

Coffee cup sleeves as an advertising medium – one to watch?

Via Springwise

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