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Dorset Cereals: Breakfast Pots

Deskfast – one of my favourite word mashups and a regular newspaper talking point. I had a lot of deskfasts (‘breakfast at your desk’ in case you’ve not guessed yet) when I commuted to Manchester from Preston (Kellogg’s mini cereal … Continue reading

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One to watch: guarana

It’s been used in various things for a while, but a feature about a drink made from guarana in today’s FT caught my eye. Guarana is a plant native to the Amazon basin, particularly Brazil, and its seeds contain twice … Continue reading

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TNBT: animal noises

Worrrd? Kanye’s next album could be made up almost entirely of animal noises, apparently. According a “a source” anyway. Ye’s a word magician, so imagine letting him loose with the sounds of the jungle. Words are getting a bit boring, … Continue reading

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Self-making bed

A ‘smart bed’ that makes itself, from Spanish company OHEA. Roll video.

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Mantry: ‘The Modern Man’s Pantry’

Just cos I like the name. Mantry is a monthly subscription service sending blokes gourmet food, from around the world, that they will like: “a curated selection of items to fit the modern man’s lifestyle, from the rare and exotic … Continue reading

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CyberCandy birthday

Big thanks to my colleagues at MTJ Associates for an ace birthday present: a boxful of CyberCandy treats! Some proper random stuff in here and I’m looking forward to trying it all. Main ones that caught my eye: Warp Hyper … Continue reading

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Birthday Sock – by Liz Mather

<<Liz Mather blog takeover >> Hot news recently in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Birthday Sock is the invention of a young girl from Oregon who hung up an old brown sock in an attempt to get more presents for … Continue reading

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