Ones to watch (global edition)

We’re starting to see the Union Jack everywhere and the patriotic spirit is going to completely take over the country during the next few months.

So, a good time to take a look at what’s happening in the rest of the world, before everything turns red, white and blue.

TNBT: Africa
Needs a whole blog of its own, but very exciting to see what might come out of Africa. From Ban Ki Moon on the cover of Vogue Italia to help draw attention to the continent (check out, to Topman’s Africlash (TVM, NKT), coffee.paper.trend is looking forward to seeing what comes out of Africa.

Images of poverty and corruption are all we usually see, but it’s about time that the food, fragrance, fashion and fun stuff is given some attention and enjoyed by the West.

Whodathunkit: Oi, rickshawali!
There’s a female rickshaw driver causing a kerfuffle in Lahore.
I don’t think there’s any danger of a big revolution, but one to watch.

United States of Bennetton
For the first time, there are more black, Hispanic and other ethnic minority babies being born in America than white babies. Apparently the country is on its way to becoming “majority minority”. For a country that has a mixed race President and whose population is almost entirely made up of immigrants, it’s no biggie really.

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