Trend: toy movies

Yesterday’s Independent (Radar, page 15) sees films based on “childhood playthings” as “the next big movie trend that will see Hollywood turn to our toyboxes in search of franchises”.

Following on from massively successful Transformers films, Battleships marks the start of some big films based on toys and games. LEGO*: The Movie is due out in 2014 and there’s even a Monopoly film by Ridley Scott! A sequel to G.I. Joe is out this summer and in April 2014 watch out for a Stretch Armstrong film.

There’s also a Cluedo film in the pipeline.

Another strand of this trend is retro computer games with live-action versions of Asteroids and Space Invaders coming up.

Here’s the (social) science bit:

The appeal of toybox movies is that they come complete with a pre-made audience which is interested in seeing its childhood playthings brought to life on the silver screen. It’s what advertising types call “unaided awareness”, and the fact that these blockbuster brands are instantly recognisable to audiences means that studios don’t have to risk millions of pounds selling a fresh concept.

* the brand that can do no wrong

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