TNBT: sweatworking

Sweatworking is one to watch, I think. There was some coverage on the Huffington Post recently and, erm, The Indian Express, too. And here’s The Independent‘s piece from January. And it was in Grazia, too.

Sweatworking is basically networking at the gym.

Here’s the etymology and explanation from Huffington Post:

“As properly coined by the New York Times (“For Real Sweat Equity” on Dec. 16, 2011), sweat-working is the new form of networking for busy professionals. Instead of wining and dining clients, professionals are now bringing their clients to a sweaty spin class or boxing session for some face time. (Once the endorphins are up, “YES” becomes the operative word.)”

Sounds like total PR bandwagon jumping (my favourite kind), but here’s a bit from the Indie piece:

“Fitness First will soon launch a structured breakfast networking meeting at one central London club. After making introductions, attendees will do a spinning class before heading to the juice bar for more networking. If successful, the idea could be introduced in the chain’s other gyms”.

For me, the gym is all about detox and destressing, so not too keen on the idea of working while I’m there. Good idea, but quite a London-centric one, I think.

Would love to see real life pics of sweatworking- send them in if you see it at the gym!

Hat tip to NKT for the spot (mentioned on Made in Chelsea, apparently).

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