Another food fad? Short-term buzz? Or one to watch?

Expect to see/hear/read about Popchips in the coming days. It’s an American brand of potato crisps, made in the same way that popcorn is made (add a little heat and pressure”). “never fried. never baked” is the strapline. It’s claimed that they have half the fat of a normal crisp, so likely to be popular with dieters, especially faddy ones who try all the new ‘low fat/low x’ products on the market.

Apparently very popular in America with celebrity fans like Ashton Kutcher (who now seems to be a paid member of the Popchips team).

Looking at the comments under the Mail Online piece, the British public is not ‘fooled’ by the health claims…

The brand has launched in the UK, in Waitrose stores this week. I picked some bags up on my way home today. Yes, Preston has a Waitrose… (deal with it, Londoners).

The PR bit

Following what was probably an exclusive in The Grocer, the Daily Mail covered the launch this morning on it’s massively popular website, leading with the angle of ‘less calories than a piece of fruit’.

Props to Waitrose for another example of being innovative with its food range and generating positive coverage that positions it as a trendsetter when it comes to introducing the UK to new types of food.

coffee.paper.trend verdict:

They’re more like thin mini poppadoms than crisps. The salt & pepper ones are really nice [but there’s a weird cheesy taste to them…]. Very moreish and I could finish a 85g bag off in one sitting. Introductory price of £1.50 is not bad, especially compared to things like Walkers Sensations (when they’re not £1 a bag).

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