Cake and coffee news

The world’s first cupcake ATM!!

Sprinkles cupcake bakery has opened a 24-hour ATM offering freshly baked cupcakes, cupcake mixes, merchandise and, weirdly, cupcake treats for dogs. Only in Los Angeles…

[search for “vending machine” in the search box for some more great ideas]

Cheesecake Factory comes to the UK

American chain Cheesecake Factory is opening its first UK branch in London later this year, according to British Baker. It’s a restaurant chain offering 50 cheesecake varieties and signature dessert dishes.

Cheesecake. Yuk.

All that cake is making me want a hot drink…

Starbucks has announced that it’s adding an extra shot of espresso to some of its drinks. Part of a plan to turn us into a nation of wide-eyed, hyperactive workaholics looking for our next caffeine hit? Naaaaah.

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