Tomorrow’s headlines: budget Valentine’s Day

Various news websites have covered the launch of a 7p Valentine’s Day card by ASDA and Times2 mentions a 99p perfume in 99p Stores.

Great new twist on the annual ‘Make Loads Of Money By Turning Everything Pink And Red Day’ originally created by Hallmark to sell more cards (brilliant idea – it’s clearly worked), giving it a double-dip recessionary angle.

ASDA’s 7p Smart Price card

The Sun

The Telegraph

Mail Online

99p Stores’ brilliantly named ‘Princess Victoria Pour Femme’

News Today

Hold on. I was just about to publish this post when I came across this article on the BBC website about an 8p ASDA Valentine’s Day card. From 2006! ‘No such thing as a new idea’ – something I’ve heard countless times in PR agency brainstorms.

BBC News – Asda launches 8p Valentine’s card

At least it looks more Valentinesy.

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