Food trend: Chocolate + savoury

Chocolate combined with something savoury has been around for a little while (e.g. chocolate milkshake and fries, as a colleague pointed out to me…) and got a big boost from Barack Obama’s love of salted caramel.

@JeromeFoucart told me about chocolate Philadelphia – a mashup of Kraft’s Philadelphia soft cheese with Cadbury chocolate. On sale this Wednesday (1 Feb).

I also keep hearing about chocolate-coated crisps, so, with some leftover chocolate sauce from my weekend churros, I made some to see what they were like…

Chocolate + Doritos Lightly Salted, Chocolate + Hula-Hoop

Doritos Lightly Salted with melted chocolate was really nice. I think the chocolate really brings the salt out, or something.

Not sure if I’m ready to swap salsa with chocolate sauce, but I’d definitely have it again.

Hula Hoops were a bit blah.

I want to try Chocolate + Walker’s Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli next. Don’t think cheese and onion crisps would work, but salt and vinegar probably would.

Other easy ones to try – popcorn, cheese, vegetables, peanuts, etc.

Using the random trend theory, we can definitely say that chocolate + savoury is a trend.

[The chocolate mashed potato cupcake I posted about a few weeks ago had a chocolate coated crisp, with sprinkles, on top]

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