Quote of the day: “an iPad that doesn’t work”

I’m not sure exactly who can claim to have come up with it (and it’s been around for a while), but today’s The Times includes a great quote about how ‘Generation Z’ (I have no idea) sees print media.

A magazine is “an iPad that doesn’t work”.

At a conference, Richard Cope, Mintel’s principal trends analyst, “stunned his audience by singing the praises of what he dubbed “slow media“: books, magazines, newspapers.

Mintel’s conclusion is that we’re all overwhelmed by the massive stream of data coming at us every day and being constantly connected. Which makes sense. It also fits in with the digital detox/diet idea. Not sure how practical/realistic it is to disconnect, but a very nice idea, either way.

You can’t really call slow media TNBT, but it’s great to see it’s still valued in the digital age.

Apparently, menswear models for Jil Sander and Nicole Farhi at his week’s Milan fashion week have been carrying actual newspapers with them on the catwalk. I think this is more to do with the loungewear (a.k.a. going out in your pyjamas) trend than part of a major resurgence of print.

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