Let’s Pizza: the world’s first pizza vending machine

This morning, Fearne Cotton was talking about the FEBO fast-food (fries, burgers, ‘cheese pockets’, etc) vending machines they have in Amsterdam. Then, I was reading Vending International (alot more interesting than it sounds…) and I came across this:

Let’s Pizza, the world’s first pizza vending machine is coming to the UK

Let’s Pizza vending machines make fresh pizza in less than 3 minutes. The dough is kneaded, the topping added and the whole thing cooked in an oven in the same amount of time it takes to give your order to Domino’s.

It’s been around in Italy for a few years.

I can’t find details about where the first UK one will be – it could be that they haven’t found a buyer yet, but let’s wait and see. Should make some fun headlines when it launches here.

Not sure how good the quality/taste will be, but there’s only one way to find that out.

Really clever idea though and will probably work well on campuses and in town centres at night. (There’s even a halal version coming soon!)

And here are some other cool vending machines:


Gold and weddings (but not together)

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