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Food trend: Chocolate + savoury

Chocolate combined with something savoury has been around for a little while (e.g. chocolate milkshake and fries, as a colleague pointed out to me…) and got a big boost from Barack Obama’s love of salted caramel. @JeromeFoucart told me about … Continue reading

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Food fad: pie pops

Cake, I understand. But pie? I never feel like ‘a bite of pie’ (this isn’t even bite-size!). The whole point of pie is that it’s a pie. It’s wholesome and filling. I disagree with Luxirare, who doesn’t want a whole … Continue reading

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Coworking space: Apartment 58

You might remember this post from last May about the growth in flexible working and coworking spaces where people who work alone get together to work alongside each other in cool spaces. Now, with “global trends for swapping, trading and … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: “an iPad that doesn’t work”

I’m not sure exactly who can claim to have come up with it (and it’s been around for a while), but today’s The Times includes a great quote about how ‘Generation Z’ (I have no idea) sees print media. A … Continue reading

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Jumbo Stay

In the words of the deputy manager; “a supercool idea“. Jumbo Stay has to be one of the coolest hotels in Europe. A Boeing 747 has been converted into a hotel, based on a disused runway at Stockholm airport. Most … Continue reading

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Food fad: Milk Bars

Viral Swagger calls it the “Stupidest Trend Ever“, but I’m interested to see how ‘milk bars’ take off in America. There’s a couple of recent openings in New York, but we’ll have to watch this space to see if they … Continue reading

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Let’s Pizza: the world’s first pizza vending machine

This morning, Fearne Cotton was talking about the FEBO fast-food (fries, burgers, ‘cheese pockets’, etc) vending machines they have in Amsterdam. Then, I was reading Vending International (alot more interesting than it sounds…) and I came across this: Let’s Pizza, … Continue reading

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