Springwise: Top 10 business ideas & opportunities for 2012

Check out Springwise’s Top 10 business ideas to inspire entrepreneurs in 2012: http://www.springwise.com/springwise/top-10-business-ideas-opportunities-2012/

My favourites:


Coffee Joulies(TM) – stones that keep your coffee at the right drinking temperature. Sounds good to me.


“the future of finance”

CivilisedMoney is an interesting alternative to ‘the [evil] banks’ – the only peer-to-peer crowdfunded business in the financial services sector.

It aims to help “people to invest, donate, lend, borrow and transact money with each other directly at fair and transparent rates” cutting out the traditional bank.


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1 Response to Springwise: Top 10 business ideas & opportunities for 2012

  1. Sugel says:

    We are always excited to see a dose of genuinely new product innovation, and this idea from the US struck us with the simplicity and elegance of its solution. Aiming to help keep coffee at the ideal temperature for longer, Coffee Joulies are small stone-like devices that can be immersed in hot drinks — cooling them while they’re too hot, and then heating them as they cool down. Coffee Joulies launched as a project on Kickstarter, quickly earned its target funding goal, and they now on sale via the website.

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