Good PR: Debenhams, moles, beauty spots

Debenhams’ PR team is ON IT yet again. The media is obsessed with Kelly Rowland’s moving beauty spot and… wait for it…

“And now make-up counters have reported an 160 per cent increase in the number of requests for beauty spot applications” according to Debenhams! PR gold or what?

This is currently on the Daily Mail website, uploaded just before 6 p.m. Let’s see how many nationals (and all other media channels) pick it up tomorrow morning. Might be easier to count those who don’t.

The Sun had some great coverage of the mole, with a Battleships style grid for readers to ‘spot’ the spot. Interesting to see if they go big on it for a third day running.

Debenhams’ PR team has been absolutely brilliant this year (probably for a lot longer, but the first year I’ve really noticed). Every story they issue is spot on, in terms of having something genuinely interesting to say (backed by sales figures) about a national talking point. Either that, or they create talking points themselves. Massively effective.

From the weather (sales of wintery clothes go up when a BBC weatherlady wears her winter warmers) to XFactor, they get blanket national coverage every time. I’m sure there must be a noticeable increase in sales every time, if not more visitors to their stores. And all because of increased brand presence in the media.

PR star of the year?

And here’s Kelly’s mole. Possibly the second most talked about mole ever?

Kelly Mole-and

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