TNBT: South American food

You’re halfway through your burrito and the next food fad has already come along.

According to today’s Independent on Sunday, TNBT is set to be South American food, with restaurant openings and supermarkets eyeing up ingredients from the continent for their shelves in 2012.


This month – De La Panza, an Argentine grill, opened in Islington

Next month – “pioneering restauranteurs David Ponte and Jamie Barber are set to launch Cabana, a Brazilian barbecue, in London’s West End and at Stratford’s Westfield”

Next year – Ceviche (Soho) and Lima (Shoreditch) due to open

Some key Latin American dishes (picked by David Ponte)


Avocado mousse

Pao de queijo



Papas rellenas

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3 Responses to TNBT: South American food

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  3. toops7 says:

    I can vouch for it being the next big thing. Got back from Peru earlier this year, and all their TV programmes were publicising the Peruvian food takeover in the US!

    Good news for me! S

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