TNBT in social media?

Not really TNBT, as such, but sharing media via social media seems to be a hot topic at the moment, with the new changes to Facebook and a cool new site for Twitter users.

BBC: Facebook focuses on media sharing and adds timeline

It’s all about people sharing more media – photos are definitely bigger on the Facebook. Not really seen anything new with music or video clips yet.

As usual, the changes to Facebook just made people annoyed and led to millions of statuses banging on about how crap the new Facebook is… but this happens every time. Within a couple of weeks, it will just be normal. Then, the same cycle will start again. Are these changes just being made to keep people talking about Facebook? And encourage people to see what everyone else is annoyed about?

Manchester-based creative agency Young has launched an interesting site called ViewURL, which is a “visual display of URLs [and media files]” shared on Twitter. As explained in the video, there’s a lot of blah on Twitter, so you could easily miss a good link, or photo (unless it’s retweeted by loads of the feeds you follow, of course).

Definitely worth a try.

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