Paint trends

Interesting article on the Independent’s website about trends in paint colours:

Due to the housing market, recession, etc, less people are selling/moving home, so are being braver with their interior decoration. Bright, bold colour paints have been selling well recently (as opposed to neutral colours which are safer for people when selling), and, along with retro/vintage-inspired colours, are set to sell well next year.

Some of the key paint trends identified in the article:

Joa Studholme, international colour consultant for Farrow & Ball, believes people are looking for a relaxed, comfortable, slightly nostalgic feel and has identified four key colours which she believes will define domestic design in 2012. They are “pigeon”, a dark blue-grey; “brassica”, a purple with underlying black; “babouche”, a cheery yellow and “railings”, an almost-black dark grey.

Farrow & Ball Babouche

Farrow & Ball Brassica

Crown ( has enlisted the services of Wayne and Geraldine Hemingway, founders of Red or Dead, to create a new “vintage” range, inspired by fashion and design from the 1940s to the 1980s. Admittedly the range contains a super-safe selection of whites, creams and neutrals, but there are also some bolder options like Beatnik Blue, a deep greeny-blue.

Crown Beatnik Blue

“With its autumn and winter range, Crown is tipping a rainbow of shades to fly off the shelves: grey-greens and purples teamed with mustard yellows and sharp violets; warm shades like burnt orange, chocolate and burgundy; and a theme Crown has named “space” – think electric blues, greens, golds, blacks and metallic and iridescent shades. For the more cautious-natured, Helen Turkington, the interior designer who sells her own range of paints (, believes grey is becoming the new off-white. “It is still a neutral colour and it is a great base for so many other tones,” she says.”

Colours by B&Q Silk Paint - Victoria

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