Food fads: Deep-fried Kool-Aid, gourmet marshmallows, Flavor Pearls

Deep-fried Kool-Aid

Chef Charlie Boghosian’s deep-fried Kool-Aid balls have been a big hit in county fairs in America. Pretty straightforward – Kool-Aid powder mixed with flour and water to create a batter. Deep-fried. Done.

And here’s a fancier-looking version from a cafe in New York (East Village):

You might have seen this one in the Mail or Independent last month.

Definitely one I want to try.

Gourmet marshmallows

Gourmet popcorn was TNBT a little while ago and now it’s another simple snack getting gourmetfied. This time, it’s marshmallows.

Butter Baked Goods have been showing them off at fairs (in America) and the range seems to be pretty popular.

Plush Puffs looks like another popular brand, with flavours like Chocolate Chipetta (cocoa flavour with micro-mini chocolate chips) and Luscious Lemon Meringue.

*stares at pic open-mouthed with bit of tongue and drool sticking out*They look and sound amazing. Samples would be very welcome!

Flavor Pearls

Not a new one, but looks very cool.

Christine Le Tennier’s Flavor Pearls are tiny pearls/drops of fruity, salty, spicy juices and sauces which can be used in all sorts of drinks and dishes. The thin alginate shell is made from seaweed.They come in around 30 flavours, like passion fruit, ‘vinegar and shallot’, Yuzu juice and mango. You can buy online at

Tried any of these? Seen any in the UK/brought them back from holidays? Get in touch!

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7 Responses to Food fads: Deep-fried Kool-Aid, gourmet marshmallows, Flavor Pearls

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  2. Thanks Jackie! Sounds good.
    Would love to try the veggie ones when they’re ready!

  3. We also make Gourmet Marshmallows (which we call Marshmellows because they are so much more mellow than the pink & white ones we ate when younger) and use only real flavouring ingredients…so, for example, we zest and juice our lemons, and actually make mulled wine for our Mulled Wine Marshmellows. We aim to change our flavours seasonally, and to use locally grown seasonal fresh fruit during the summer. We are able to deliver throughout the UK.
    We are also working on making vegetarian versions. You can keep up-to-date with our progress at and

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  5. I have actually started a company specialising in Gourmet Marshmallows! And I deliver all over the UK! I have some awesome flavours, come over and have a look!!/pages/Burgh-Bakes-Homemade-Gourmet-Marshmallows/160818280623765 – my company name is ‘Burgh Bakes’ 😀 Nicole

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