Major media news: RIP NOTW

Today was a momentous day in the media world. The News of the World is to print it’s last edition on Sunday and will then stop the presses forever. Interestingly, this is not because of the ‘digital revolution’, but it’s down to plain, simple morality and ethics.

The majority of print publication closures are quite sad occasions, but the storm building around the phone hacking scandal left the organisation with few options, in my opinion. I thought there’d probably be an apology and a donation to charity.

I was surprised to find out that the paper had been around for 168 years. It had done pretty well to last this long, but now we know how it operated, it sort of makes sense.

Some of the big questions that arise from the decision:

What will happen to the 200 jobs?

What next for Rebekah Brooks?

Will The Sun fill in the void?

Which paper(s) will benefit from a rise in circulation?

Will Monday’s ABCs be the most eagerly anticipated ever in media world?

I’ll be buying the last ever NOTW, as a momento of this huge media moment. Will you?

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