Cool stuff from the weekend papers

Milkshake shots

Non-alcoholic? Actually, that would just be a tiny glass of milkshake. I haven’t thought this one through properly. Might be of interest if you drink, though.

Skytop III [underneath the Kim Kardashian thing]

Well nice.

Gold vending machine

Keep coming across new, cool things being done with vending machines, but this is the first one launching in the UK. Fancy buying a 2.5g of 24-carat gold for £100? Pop to Westfield and use the vending machine. The Daily Mail’s not too keen.

Also just spotted this:

A Cornish company has created a £1 wedding vending machine!

It’s pink, 8 ft tall and called AutoWed.

Here’s a description from the BBC:

“For £1 it plays a specially composed intro version of the Wedding March and asks customers to select their type of union. Bride and groom have the option of pressing one on a keyboard for “I do” and two for “Escape”.

Purchasers get a wedding receipt and two plastic rings in an egg-shaped plastic capsule.”

TNBT: unusual vending machines?

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