TNBT; taste over transparency when it comes to drinks [guest post by Liz Mather]

Very excited about introducing the first guest post on coffee.paper.trend! Really interesting to see how traditional flavours are being used in different contexts. Liz spotted this trend a little while ago and it’s amazing how many other examples quickly popped up. [Faizel]

TNBT; taste over transparency when it comes to drinks

There’s been so much buzz recently about transparent eating, fuelled by a hunger for no added preservatives, flavourings or colourings. Packaging has become embossed with clear indications of calorie, fat, and sugar content. Fresh, natural, free from and locally sourced foods are the champions.

Thing is, whilst eating well makes you feel great, it’s also a little boring. Cue the new trend, designed to give the taste buds a bit of a kick.

A fellow netball player whacked out a bottle of pear drop cordial last week to quench her thirst at half time. An amazing, sugar free find that tastes exactly like the sweets, just liquid form. Apparently there’s sherbet dip, raspberry ripple and marshmallow flavour cordial out there too. Today I discovered popcorn flavoured tea at Manchester’s Cornerhouse. With real bits of popcorn in it. Vodka company Stiffys is doing kola kubes and jaffa cake flavour.

All about the taste buds, not about fulfilling the hunger for transparency. Perhaps because they’re in liquid form, it makes it ok. Either way, I’m excited about how creative the industry will get before we move onto the next food fad. Candyfloss flavoured smoothie anyone?

Liz Mather (@LizMather)

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