TNBT: ‘deconstructed’ cupcakes and multi-taste desserts

Another great food trend article from the Independent.

Apparently, TNBT in cakes is unusual twists on the traditional cupcake.

“Cupcakes, the ubiquitous dessert popular for being a portable, indulgence in cake and icing form, are now being set aflame, dipped in fondue, made in supersized, skinny and mini-me versions and are even packaged on a stick, points out the report based on research by food website The Food Channel, and market researchers Culture Waves, and Mintel International. The report was published earlier in May.”

Here’s a cupcake fondue:

It will be interesting to see if any of these become new trends in themselves (cake pops are already there). Intrigued by the ‘set aflame’ variety, but I can’t see it coming to a shop/cafe near me any time soon. Unless I buy a lighter.

The other trend mentioned in the piece is desserts that combine sweet/salty/spicy/tart flavours. Think chocolate/chilli combos and M&M’s salty pretzels in chocolate.

The last one isn’t a completely new idea. Remember these?

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