TNBT: Bubble tea

I don’t really know what it is, but it’s being tipped as TNBT.

There are so many varieties of tea and coffee, a new entry to the market has to be unusual and stand out.

TimeOut describes bubble tea as:

flavoured teas (milk or fruit-based) served with chewy tapioca pearls, shaken and sealed – with a fat straw poked through the lid – for easy consumption

I’m not sure what tapioca pearls are but there’s an Indian drink which is milkshake with something that looks like frogspawn in it. Quite nice. And the frogspawn is chewy, so it must be the same thing or something similar.

Apparently, Bubbleology in Soho and Chaboba have brought bubble tea into the mainstream. I’ve not seen it in Preston or Manchester yet, but keen to try so let me know if you spot it anywhere.

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