Growing trend: flexible working

There are lots of reasons why it seems to be a good time to be an entrepreneur at the moment – unemployment, competition for jobs,  university tuition fees, funding, competitions, awards, etc.

Starting up on your own must be daunting, whilst working from home, but being part of a wider organisation, seems to have more drawbacks than advantages, in my opinion.

So, it’s interesting to see cool new spaces opening up, where freelancers, entrepreneurs and the self-employed can work alongside others in similar situations to them and hire meeting rooms and facilities that they won’t have at home.

Great PR for Central Working, with pieces in the London Evening Standard and the Guardian (front page lead in yesterday’s work supplement). It’s a ‘co-working club’ that looks like somewhere you’d really want to work – they use a table tennis table as a workspace!

It’s not all about modern interiors and quirky features, though: “But while trendy aesthetics may lure co-workers in, it is a sense of community and a shared purpose that keeps them engaged.” (The Guardian)

There’s even popup coworking spaces – here’s one at a Tyneside cinema!

On a side note, last Friday was National Work from Home Day – an initiative by Work Wise to highlight the benefits of employers being flexible and allowing people to work from home.

Working from home is also a growing trend. Expect more alternatives to the traditional office setup, more flexibility from employers and more solutions for people who choose to work from home, in the coming years.

Essentially, it’s just modern office space for hire, but with semi-colleagues who you can chat to and network with, etc, to make working by/for yourself feel less isolated and boring.

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