Das Racist (at Future Everything)

Top gig by Das Racist (@dasracist http://dasracist.net/) last night. Brilliant move by Future Everything, bringing the guys to Manchester for their UK debut.

Every tune was pretty much an anthem, with most of the (fairly mixed) crowd knowing all the words. Pretty impressive for a small debut concert.

It was a great set, with good tunes and great stage presence. All three were cool and funny. All crazy in different ways, but obviously good mates and it worked well. Completely unique, but closest comparison I’d make is a mashup of Tinie Tempah, Wiz Khalifa, The Cool Kids and Outlandish – so, pretty sick.

They were ace with the audience – crowd-surfing, coming to the side of stage and dancing with people, walking around the crowd in the middle of songs, hi-5s, handshakes and randomly chucking a cardboard box at us. Their stage manager/security/general homie was cool, too, warming up the crowd and joining in some of the songs.

Shame about the sound quality, though. Then again, it was a small, studenty venue, so to be expected, I suppose.

Can’t see them appealing to the mainstream, especially with their mental performance, but I’m sure they’ll get recognition in the urban/indie/alternative scenes.

Unfortunately, almost all of my photos (and video clip) came out crap, but here’s my favourite:

Me and @dapwell (thanks to @jeromefoucart for photography skills!)

Das Racist are in Brighton today, then Bristol and London tomorrow. Catch them while you can.

Read more about them here: Wikipedia

Thanks to Future Everything for the tickets!

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