One to watch: eating insects

Maybe it’s not a new thing as we all eat 500g of them every year, but it’s being claimed that including insects in the human diet is ‘inevitable’.

You’ve probably seen fancy gourmet versions at Selfridges, but edible insects are being positioned as a real alternative to other meat and a solution to food scarcity.

The FT reports on a professor who is trying to get us to eat insects and a Bristol cafe where you can have ‘locust stir fry’, whilst the Telegraph reports on a UN food advisor who says that, with a growing population, we’re going to have to start eating insects as there aren’t enough cows (sort of). He’s also trying to set up a conference on edible insects next year.

Entomology – the study of insects

Entomophogy – eating insects

Marcel Dicke – “professor of entomology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and fervent consume of bugs” [FT]

Serge Verniau – “the Laos representative to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)” [Telegraph]

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