FutureEverything, Manchester, 11-14 May 2011

Not long to go until Manchester hosts FutureEverything’s “conference & festival of art, music and ideas”.

What is FutureEverything?

“FutureEverything is an art and digital innovation agency, a catalyst for ideas, and an intermediary between a wide range of stakeholders and communities.”

There is a massive list of activities, events, speakers, exhibitions, etc – too many to include in one blog post, so have a look at the website – taking place in Manchester city centre next week.

Also worth noting that they are linked with another example of innovation in the North West, Lancaster Uni’s ImaginationLancaster.

The exciting, innovative events range from Das Racist’s UK premiere and Ping Pong Club to Rob da Bank’s alternative soundtrack to the original King Kong film and Switch ON Switch OFF, a “playful hacking workshop for beginners”. I feel that this really undersells the huge variety of events on offer, so please take a look at the website.

I can’t think of any other festivals like this, on this scale and with such fantastic events, in the North West, so I hope it gets the attention it clearly deserves.

This is seriously exciting stuff.

For more information, visit: http://futureeverything.org/

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