TNBT: trend-spotting

Interesting article on the Telegraph website today: ‘Trend-spotting is the new £36bn growth business‘.

‘Channel the zeitgeist’

Sharon Graubard, Stylesight‘s chief trend analyst, describes trend-spotting pretty well:

“If you tell clients something is going to be big, you will probably make it so,” she says.

“Forecasting is a sixth sense. You can be too early. You can also let your own taste get in the way. But usually you can feel a trend bubbling up on the streets and then you find the seeds of it on the catwalk. Our job is to pull it all together for client and educate them about how best to channel the zeitgeist.”

The future

Any job title with the word ‘trend’ in is pretty cool. Let’s see if/how the sector grows and if jobs like this become a bit more common. Forward-thinking organisations will use trend-spotting services or hire someone in-house, if relevant (and if they’re big enough to warrant this), but let’s hope there aren’t too many trend-spotters: too many people saying the same thing/conflicting things will just render the profession/industry obsolete.

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