Media moment of the day (/decade?): Royal Wedding

It’s finally happened. The Royal Wedding seems to have gone very smoothly and lots of people have had a fantastic day, with Brits feeling proud and celebratory.

One of the biggest PR hooks of recent times is over, but the post-event coverage will last at least a few days, mainly focusing on the ‘community spirit’ (especially with street parties – today’s Granada Reports, for example), the fashion (women seem to be obsessed with ‘the dress’ and what the other ladies wore), etc.

As with any big event, I like to flick through all the main TV channels to get a variety of perspectives and news.

Sky News did not disappoint with Eamonn Holmes doing a great job, setting a fun, engaging one. BBC started off quite sombre with Huw Edwards, but then picked up a bit. Not sure why Fearne Cotton was randomly posted to Buckingham Palace. Probably because she’s yoof n dat, but I’m sure they could have chosen a few other names. She did a good job though. ITV was a bit boring to start off with. Phillip Schofield is a bit too middle of the road for my liking, but then they got the Bradbys on, which was quite interesting.

CNN on the other hand was pretty chaotic and unintentionally funny, with some crazy camera work and breathless/clueless presenters, but a fun change from the relatively slow style of the British broadcasters.

Special mention for OK! magazine. Their branded flags were all over the coverage throughout the day. It looks like they handed them out to hundreds of people (clever – most of them probably hadn’t taken a flag and a nice freebie/souvenir for people camping out on the street).

The expected two billion global TV viewers was downgraded to one billion by one of the broadcasters and street party-wise, there seemed to be less than originally anticipated.

All in all, it went well, no incidents, no drama, just a nice day. Now that it’s all over, do we need something else to look forward to? The Olympic games are too far off and so is the next bank holiday…

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