Bandwagon jumping: William & Kate The Movie

The name itself is enough to have you reaching for the DISLIKE button, but a film about the Royal Couple has had some interesting coverage, with Sky News playing bits of it/the trailer this afternoon.

It’s been massively panned by pretty much every media outlet online.

(A couple of examples:

But, great brand awareness for Lifetime, the US cable TV channel it’s going to be shown on. Before now, who’d heard of it in the UK? How about Revolver Entertainment, the production company?

Plus, because of the hype, I’ve even been curious enough about it to watch the trailer online. The lead actors probably aren’t ‘Ones to watch’, but I doubt they’ll be short of offers after the exposure the film’s got, despite it being described as “naff”.

Also, it’s pretty impressive how quickly they turned it around, ready to launch it just in time for the Royal Wedding, which the British media can’t seem to get enough of at the moment. Nice work.

British viewers will be lucky enough to catch it on Channel 5 on April 24 – if you can face it – and it’s out on DVD the day after.

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