Bandwagon jumping: Made in Chelsea

First there was The Hills, then there was The City. Then came TOWIE and now it looks like another (partially scripted?) ‘reality’ series is about to join them.

A Response Source from Monkey Kingdom describes a new Channel 4/E4 series called ‘Made in Chelsea’ as:

following the unique and aspirational lifestyles of a set of individuals based in the most sought after postcodes in London

The production company wants to emulate the success (and no doubt, the style) of TOWIE, but expect a posher version for a different target audience.

I’ve never seen TOWIE, but I already dislike MiC. Shouldn’t really judge it before I’ve seen it, but I don’t think it’s going to be very well received by a mainstream audience. Will the ‘cast’ be too posh to empathise with? Let’s wait and see…

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