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Media moment of the day (/decade?): Royal Wedding

It’s finally happened. The Royal Wedding seems to have gone very smoothly and lots of people have had a fantastic day, with Brits feeling proud and celebratory. One of the biggest PR hooks of recent times is over, but the … Continue reading

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One to watch: Terrariums

According to the Daily Telegraph, a new trend from America is about to hit Britain: mini gardens encased in glass. The NYT said they were making a comeback all the way back in June 2010, but, with a new book, … Continue reading

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TNBT: Post-It note fashion

Post-It notes are ace. Really useful, handy and a brilliant invention that has revolutionised the world of work. I’d be interested to see if this trend catches on: Post-Its as a fashion accessory. With bright colours being ‘in’ at the … Continue reading

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Cool stuff: Bompas & Parr

Just discovered Bompas & Parr, ‘jellymongers’/food experimentalists/artists who are doing some pretty exciting things with food, in today’s Observer. The paper commissioned “eight of Britain’s most original creative talents” to come up with something to mark the Royal Wedding.

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Bandwagon jumping: William & Kate The Movie

The name itself is enough to have you reaching for the DISLIKE button, but a film about the Royal Couple has had some interesting coverage, with Sky News playing bits of it/the trailer this afternoon. It’s been massively panned by … Continue reading

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Bandwagon jumping: Made in Chelsea

First there was The Hills, then there was The City. Then came TOWIE and now it looks like another (partially scripted?) ‘reality’ series is about to join them. A Response Source from Monkey Kingdom describes a new Channel 4/E4 series … Continue reading

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One to watch: Das Racist

Das Racist is a hip-hop trio that mixes up influences and adds a bit of comedy, making it stand out from the rest. Their style is different and they play on the oddball thing. Obviously they’re both different and unique, … Continue reading

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