A simple but effective update on the staycation, ‘daycations’ are said to be replacing the traditional fortnight away as Brits choose to stay in the country and save money.

“Introducing British tourisms latest craze… the cost-effective, time-friendly ‘daycation'” MailOnline
“Daycations: they’re displacing the two-week summer holiday” Guardian Online

Daycation = one-day holiday.

According to the National Trust, Brits are taking more single days off work with people swapping longer holidays for more frequent short breaks.

Bit depressing that one of the reasons for the rise in daycations is to avoid the dread of work piling up at the office, but it’s also down to money and time.

Good PR for the National Trust and places of interest in British, with some good pickup in the nationals/online (complete with a comment on the benefits of daycations from a “clinical psychologist” and a quote on visitor numbers from a spokesperson).

Daycations: they’re displacing the two-week summer holiday

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