TNBT: Superhero fashion

Yesterday’s i had a feature on how comic book- and cartoon-inspired fashion is “stylish” and a big (ish?) fashion trend at the moment.

From Uniqlo’s Project Disney to Converse’s DC Comics collection, clothes and shoes are being plastered with cartoon characters and comic book heroes. Designer labels are also getting involved. Makeup company M.A.C. has even launched a Wonderwoman collection!

Adidas/Jeremy Scott – SS2010, but you get the idea

I’m not sure I know anyone under 12 (or not a student) who would wear these Converse…

One of the designers mentioned in the feature, Jeremy Scott, has lightening bolts and stars in his collection, so expect to see more of these around on the high street, as an accessible way of creating the ‘superhero’ look.

Like the Lego bling, it seems like a bit of a novelty/gimmicky ‘fad’ (and the superhero ‘trend’ has been and gone a few times in recent years), but watch this space.

Also see ‘Sleek Superhero Kicks’ on (posted yesterday)

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