TNBT? ‘Garden centre dining’

Interesting post by Tony Naylor on the Guardian’s Word of Mouth blog.

Apparently, garden centres are becoming ‘lifestyle destinations’, offering visitors an opportunity to dine amongst the plants and vases and compost and sh!t (Haven’t been to a garden centre for a long time. I’m guessing this is what they sell).

Tony hints at it towards the end of the post, but there could be some great opportunities to create new dining experiences by serving food in garden centres.

Customers could pick their own organic herbs to season their dishes, or have seasonal vegetables that have just been picked.

The idea could also work with allotments – al fresco dining.

Here’s a report which highlighted this area of growth back in 2008:

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3 Responses to TNBT? ‘Garden centre dining’

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  2. Cool. You could serve tee. And club sandwiches.

  3. dbagMcgee says:

    i will use this on my gofl course!

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