Do 4 complaints warrant a news story?

Today’s i has a nib on page 3 and a short piece, with screenshots, on page 17 reporting on a Waitrose advert that has been banned by the ASA.

It was the one for Delia Smith’s Christmas cake, where you could buy the ingredients, measured out I think, in a pack.

FOUR people complained that it was misleading – which is fair enough as you need to add your own eggs, butter, water (and other ‘stock ingredients’).

Is this really newsworthy?

After Shilpa and Ross/Brand, we’re used to complaints about TV becoming massively hyped and media coverage leading to ‘floods’ of additional complaints, but Delia isn’t exactly a controversial figure!

Okay, the ad is misleading, but what is the minimum number of complaints for something to be newsworthy? 1?

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