Tomorrow’s headlines: happiness index

Expect stories in the nationals about the state of the nation’s happiness tomorrow, as the findings of ‘Understanding Society‘, a £49 million social research project commissioned by the Economic and Social Research Council, are revealed.

According to The Observer, it’s being billed as “a living laboratory of British life”.

One of the main headline findings is likely to be:
Britain’s happiest couples are married, have been together for less than 5 years and don’t have kids.

The research involved interviews with 14,000 households (over 34,000 individuals), including just over 2,000 children.

Other themes that will make tomorrow’s news:
– happiness/satisfaction with life
– family types
– bullying
– poverty
– optimism among the unemployed [maybe not…]
– community

Likely to be a talking point throughout the day on TV and radio, too, with plenty of case studies telling us how great/bad their lives are (see hardworking, smug, rich newlyweds in today’s Observer!).

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