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Tomorrow’s headlines: happiness index

Expect stories in the nationals about the state of the nation’s happiness tomorrow, as the findings of ‘Understanding Society‘, a £49 million social research project commissioned by the Economic and Social Research Council, are revealed. According to The Observer, it’s … Continue reading

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One to watch: scotch eggs

Scotch eggs were on my Food Trends post last month and it looks the trend could be gathering momentum. There’s a whole feature on the Independent website and today’s i about how they are about to make a big comeback … Continue reading

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Not the Best Job in the World

After Tourism Queensland’s ‘Best Job in the World’ (my favourite PR/integrated campaign ever), PRs invented all kinds of ‘jobs’ and secured some great coverage for their brands. However, according to today’s Metro, the Queen is looking for a ‘General Assistant … Continue reading

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TNBT: hockern

Hockern is an ‘extreme sport’ using a lightweight stool called the Sporthocker. Also known as ‘extreme sitting’. Apparently, it’s becoming popular across Europe (originated in Germany).

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One to watch: popcorn

It’s looking like popcorn is going to ‘have a moment’ in 2011. Forget salt, sweet or buttery, popcorn is going through a re-invention (and a rebrand). First, food trendhunters tipped ‘grown-up’ popcorn as ‘TNBT’ at the start of the year. … Continue reading

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TNBT: collaborative consumption

Fair bit of buzz around about ‘collaborative consumption [or consumerism]’ at the moment. What does it mean? The Guardian sums it up well: “Networks, smart phones and real-time platforms create the efficiency and social glue to trade, swap, barter, lend, … Continue reading

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New track from Saadi: Lights Up NYC

Just been sent this new track and video by Saadi‘s team:

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#trendingtopic Rastamouse

Everyone’s tweeting about Rastamouse, a new CBeebies show about a Rastafarian mouse and his reggae band of “crime-fighting special agents”.

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A (virtual) coffee with… Saadi

Who is Saadi? Me! Boshra AlSaadi. I was born in Damascus, Syria. My family moved to Brooklyn when I was 2. Now I live in the East Village in Manhattan, where I have been making music since I was 17. … Continue reading

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