TNBT: cake pops

I vaguely remember hearing about cake pops ages ago, but then it all went quiet. Until I got a Goodtoknow e-newsletter (signed up for work purposes) yesterday, with a lead story which said:

“Meet the latest cake craze – cake pops! They’re set to be huge this year and we’ve got a fun and easy recipe for delicious Toffee cake pops so you can be the first to make them. Cake on a stick – what’s not to like?”

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With such a popular media outlet calling them ‘the latest craze’, I can see this one actually becoming a trend – or at least quite popular for a few weeks.

Could be a big hit at parties (kids and adults). I want to try some.

POP Bakery calls itself “the home of the english cake POP”. A few celeb spots could make it the new Hummingbird or Magnolia, with copycats ‘popping up’ all over the place. Then cupcake places/bakeries/supermarkets will add a few cake pop lines to cash in/bring cake pops to the mass market.

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