TNBT: more food trends

Great coverage for M&S’ ‘food trendhunters’ (awesome job title) in today’s Independent and i.

M&S sent some people to America to find out what trends are emerging in food and a journalist went along with them.

Here are the food trends they found/predicted:

New Yorkers are apparently going crazy over the pretzel croissant from City Bakery.

Journalist Lucy McDonald describes them as follows:

“The salt of the pretzel cuts through the sweet of the pastry and although the dough is heavier than normal, it is strangely satisfying  and very moreish.”

However, it’s not one that Britain is ready for, according to the team.

Brioche is also becoming very popular and is being used in buns and doughnuts. Weird/interesting. Not a fan myself.

Brussels sprouts leaves cooked/served separately.

Bacon in chocolate brownies/peanut brittle.

“Grown-up” popcorn (fancy flavours)

Madras Curry Coconut popcorn

Mini desserts


Cocktails at home (which is interesting as Tails’ ready-made cocktails have had a bit of buzz recently)


I’m hungry now.

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