PR #star of the day: noparkingfine Ltd

Just a disclaimer to start off with: Safiya is a friend of mine and I have advised her on PR for her business. However, I was not involved with the placing of any of the following coverage.

noparkingfine Ltd, a business set up by Safiya Hussain, has had an amazing day of media coverage today. It’s a company set up to help fight illegal parking fines.

Starting off with a third of a page in the Daily Mail this morning (page 12) and a ‘top story’ on the Mail’s website (51m unique users!), Safiya was then interviewed live on talkSPORT (3m listeners!), by two presenters who both completely backed her business idea and got fully behind her campaign. Unusual, as they usually debate or offer an opposing view. The interview lasted around 10 minutes, but then was followed up by a call-in, during which the presenters mentioned Safiya’s business as a potential solution to listeners’ problems. Then randomly, Nicky Clarke, the celebrity hairdresser, called in and complained about illegal/unfair parking fines! The presenters used this to echo the thoughts of millions of drivers and mentioned how British drivers were having a very tough time at the moment.

With an audience of men, many of whom will drive as part of their jobs (taxi drivers, delivery drivers, etc), this type of coverage is simply priceless.

And I’ve just found out that she was interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live (need to have a listen). On top of this, there has been interest from a TV show and another newspaper.

Plus this piece on AOL.

Throughout the coverage, the business has been positioned as a sort of consumer champion, which is fantastic positioning.

A simply outstanding day of media coverage (and I’d say that even if she was not a friend!), driving brand awareness, reaching millions of people across the country and surely generating lots of enquiries in the coming days/weeks/months.

I suspect there’s more coverage to come.

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1 Response to PR #star of the day: noparkingfine Ltd

  1. Matthew Reed says:

    Thanks for the comment, it’s been a really successful campaign so far with plenty more to come. It’s a great business to work with. Glad you are enjoying it!

    Freshfield PR

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