TNBT: products with life stories

It’s been going on for a while, but a trend that seems to be gathering momentum at the moment is ‘products with life stories’.

GranniesInc (‘there’s wisdom in the wool’) lets you pick an actual granny to knit a one-off unique piece of knitwear that you have designed yourself. Read about each Granny here. [via Springwise]

Granny Margaret

Oxfam worked with ToTeM to come up with a really cool idea – RememberMe. When someone donates an item to charity, they record an audio (or video) clip to talk about the product. This can be accessed via a QR tag on the product so prospective buyers/the new owner can watch/listen to the product’s story via their smartphone.(Turns out this was launched last summer at a digital arts festival, but the story appeared in a national paper this week, helping to raise awareness) [thanks to @Nicola_Watto]

Oxfam RememberMe QR tag

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