TNBT: food trends

I came across a couple of things which are tipped to be ‘the next big thing’ in food today.

Scandinavian home cooking

An article in today’s i says that “Scandinavia is now tipped as the next big trend in home cooking” according to “trend predictors for Waitrose”.

Coincidentally, Waitrose has started selling a range of Scandinavian food products in two of its stores today…

However, it’s backed up by an independent trends report called ‘Food Watching’ and the 2010 “World’s Best Restaurant”, Noma, is in Copenhagen.

Apparently, Scandinavian food consists of things likes oats, root vegetables, oily fish (like herring), hard cheese and lean meat. Meatballs are also a popular dish. So nothing too exotic sounding. Except “reindeer”.

Scotch eggs

I got an email from a journalist which said that scotch eggs were going to be a big food trend this year.

I can see them being popular at Royal Wedding street parties and picnics and things. But ‘tnbt’? Apparently, you can also get gourmet ones at gastropubs. One to watch?

Home baking

Not ‘tnbt’, but home baking has seen a massive revival in the last two years, with the sector now worth £576million according to Mintel. Think cupcakes, ‘Great British Bake Off’, etc.

That’s it for today – a new series called ‘Baking Made Easy’ is about to start on BBC2.

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