PR #fail: Vodafone #mademesmile

Massive PR #fail by Vodafone who have invited people to tweet what makes them smile. Using the hashtag #mademesmile , these tweets then go up on the Vodafone 12 Days of Smiles as part of a live(?), unmoderated feed.

Seems like a good idea in theory.

However, Vodafone has recently been in the news after being targeted by UK Uncut, in their campaign against tax avoidance by big companies. So, unsurprisingly, people have been using it as a mechanism to vent their anger and criticise the brand. A massive own goal, as this criticism is appearing on the brand’s own website!!

Here is a screenshot of just a couple of the tweets that appeared on the site (via Click on the pic to zoom in.

The feed seems to have been blocked now, with no tweets appearing (it was blank at 12:15 Sunday 12 December).

Update (13:15 Sun 12 Dec): the Twitter feed is live again and includes negative comments about Vodafone (as well as tweets about Justin Bieber…)

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